Solenoid Valve

A Solenoid Valve is designed for closing, distributing or mixing the flow of gas or liquid in a pipe. This electronically operated valve differ in terms of electric current they use, the magnetic field they generate, the mechanism used for regulating fluid, etc. Intech Engineers is one of the paramount Solenoid Valve Manufacturers in Delhi/NCR. We have brilliantly efficient and rich designs to suit the varied needs of the industries. we also provide Sequential Timer Solenoid Valves, which are designed to provide timed control of the fluid flow, making them ideal for use in applications that require a specific sequence of events

Salient Features Of Our Solenoid Valves:

  • Designed to be used in the pulse jet Bag Filter
  • Make automatic control easier and more efficient
  • Fast response time and can be operated remotely
  • Low control power and characteristics of it make it one of a kind
  • Fast opening & closing valve to ensure the high-speed flow of air
  • These have safe switching and good compatibility of raw materials
  • Have a lower cost and can last longer than mechanical or gas valves
  • Compact yet durable design, which ensures reliability of the solution
  • Easy to control and prevent internal leakage because of the solenoid valve structure

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