HEPA Filter

HEPA Filter is designed to capture very fine particles effectively. These are used in air filters, vacuum cleaners and in industries which require high air quality. Their quality and lasting performance have gained them such great recognition. If you are looking for one of the remarkable HEPA Filter Manufacturers in Delhi/NCR, Intech Engineers got you covered. We are loaded with the cutting-edge technology, reliable resources and best team to understand and cater to customized demands of the customers. In addition, our product range encompasses a broad assortment of items, which comprises but is not restricted to Vent Filter, Wet Scrubber, Filter Bag, Solenoid Valve, Sequential Timer, Knife Gate Valve, and Rotary Airlock Valve.

Manufacturers Of HEPA Filters :

  • Ensures the quality and reliability of the filter
  • Helps to remove even the tiniest airborne particles
  • Ensure all the pollutants are removed efficiently
  • Vastly improve the quality of the air you breathe
  • Stands for high-efficiency particulate air and works by forcing air through a fine mesh that traps harmful particles
  • Effective in removing smoke particles, contaminants and associated odours
  • Rugged body and reliable working for years
  • Different sizes, shapes and other configurations available
  • Aluminum, S.S and G.I is used to make the body of HEPA filter

Application Areas:

  • Biomedical purpose
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Nuclear industry
  • Aerospace
  • Nuclear power
  • Pharmaceutical processing
  • Electronic micro circuitry (computer chips)
  • Hospitals, health care centre
  • Nuclear fuels

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