Air Washer

Air Washer is another advanced solution, designed to effectively enhance the quality of air by scrubbing the air that moved through it. The system helps to adjust the humidity level and keep the environment consistent. These are used as a part of air quality and climate control system. Intech Engineers is one of the appreciated Air Washer Manufacturers in Delhi/NCR that you can trust for this advanced system. We design every unit at our facility and promise to bring you nothing but the best.

Attributes Of Our Air Washers:

  • Lower utility costs and optimal power consumption
  • Optimal water consumption in comparison to evaporative coolers
  • Have lower maintenance needs, which eventually cut the cost and ensures saving in the long run
  • It requires a very low initial investment and best to be used for large spaces
  • Suitable for maintaining the right cooling ambient
  • Installed with an anti-microbial protection system to ensure hygienic air
  • Environment-friendly design that ensures proper ventilation and cool ambient

Ask For Customizations!

We understand different industries have different demands and we are loaded with the right technology to meet that to a possible extent. If you want to experience the excellence of the solution, contact us. As one of the noted Air Washers and Knife Gate Valve Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers in India, we also provide timely delivery to your doorsteps. Contact us to know more.

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